3 Steps to Creating Powerful Website Content

Creating Website Content

If you’ve ever looked at your website and thought it was boring and maybe even a bit generic, you’re not alone. Let’s face it—you love your business and your clients, but sometimes it’s hard to write about it. You know what it’s about and why people should flock to you, but it’s difficult to put it into words.

Here are 3 tips that might help.

Think back and clarify your purpose.

The place to start is with your business and your services. Sit back and think about your business. Remind yourself of all the reasons you are in business and the impact you’d like to be making. Think about the many ways you are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.   

What are your primary services? Make a list if you need a reminder. Why do you offer these services? There was—and is—a need for your services which is why you started your business in the first place. It might also be that you were an expert in this field, or that you have become an expert because of your excitement and enthusiasm on the subject. 

This exercise is important because we all get busy. At times, when we get caught up in the operations and admin of a business, we forget the initial purpose. Reflecting on the “why” helps you revitalize. Now that we’re clear on all the glorious reasons you’re in business, we can focus on the “who”—those fabulous clients—that make your world go ‘round.

Visualize your best clients.

In business, we all need to be clear on who we are serving. We might like to think it’s everyone, but we know that’s not true. Who are those wonderful people you love to serve? Think about your favorite clients—the ones you’d like to have cloned. What is it about them that makes them so special to you?

Make a list of some common traits and include what they want or need that you can provide. Most likely, you are solving a problem that they can’t solve on their own. Or, you might be bringing them joy in some way that they’ve been dreaming of for quite some time. Whatever it is, savor that for a moment.

Now think about how you serve them in ways they couldn’t manage on their own. Think about how you take care of their wish list like no other (competitor) could. After all, there’s only one you. What are the reasons your favorite clients choose you? How do they sing your praises when talking with their friends?

Write for them.

Now, you have reconfirmed why you’re in business and how you are exceptional at what you do. You’ve also thought about who your ideal clients are and why. With that, you are ready to write some amazing content for your website because you can write as if speaking directly to them. 

Keep it simple. Try to avoid too much technical jargon or acronyms that some readers might not understand. Let them know you understand their situation and that you have a clear vision of how it could be better. If they have a vision of something that would be fun and fabulous, tell them how you can provide it.

Keep in mind when writing that you are speaking to those customers you are meant to serve. Understand their needs. Help them find the solutions. Speak directly to them. Delight them with your ideas, confidence and vision. As you wow them with your expertise, also make it clear that it is easy for them to do business with you. 

If you find yourself unsure of who your ideal clients are or how to write for them, give us a call. We’d love to discuss it with you.

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