Get ready to thank your website content…  

  • Web content writing importanceYour website should be providing content on what’s most important to your clients. They have problems. They have goals. They need your help.
  • Your web copy should be conveying what clients really want to hear. They have questions. They have competition. They can use your expertise.
  • Your content, including your website blogs, should be letting clients know how you can help them with your services. They have a mission. They have a vision. Help them succeed—more quickly with you than without you!

When your website is not doing you (or your clients) any favors, it’s time to talk with a professional copywriter. At Russell Resources, we get clear on your ideal clients and your premium services. When we know what you do best and who your ideal clients are, we can write effective content that will help you attract more of those perfect clients. 

In your web content, you should be speaking directly to those clients. You should be answering their questions and showing them a way to do even better than what they see in front of them. All web copy should resonate with them. They should see quickly that you understand and are ready and able to help them.

Show your brilliance

If you don’t show your brilliance on your website, how will people know that you have the solutions? Make it easy. Be real. Talk with them as if they are sitting with you. You can learn where the pain points are and how to overcome them by working together. 

You are the expert in your field. Think of all the years of experience you have and how many business leaders you can serve with that level of expertise. Let people know what you do and what it can do for them. 

Your content needs clarity

If you are questioning the clarity of your website marketing content, give us a call. We believe in honest conversations with the right questions to get at the heart of what will create the best messaging for you—and your clients. 

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