Mpls SEO Website Blog Writer on How to Increase Your Online Value

Mpls SEO Website Blog Writer“Happy day!! Today I had my trusty car detailed. It now looks beautiful and fresh even though it’s not new by any stretch of the imagination—but it looks like it! Those of you who know me understand that a showroom-clean car makes me smile.”  

Here’s another happy thought… Did you know that you can do the same for your marketing? You can freshen it up with a few deliberate touches. My car is a valuable resource to me, and your website should be a valuable resource for your clients. 

Let’s talk about “detailing” your website.

Where can you start? Consider your website. Is your website content shiny and bright? If you’re ready for some spring cleaning and a new look, your website can get a makeover that appeals to your clients—and future clients. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Make it genuine.

Your Home and About pages

First, consider rewriting your Home page with your ideal client in mind. Speak to them like the friend you are. Take some time and jot down all the possible questions your ideal client might have. Use your Home page to Answer their questions. They’ll be glad to have the answers they’re looking for and get better acquainted with you and your services.

Next, take a look at your About page. This page is notoriously overlooked! An effective About page can be the driving factor in proving to a potential customer that you understand what they are going through—and you have solutions. Your About page helps your future customers identify with you—and that’s powerful. If your current content is uninspiring, consider retelling your story.

Customer-Focused Blogs

Remember, your business website must give customers a great first impression. A sure way to give the wrong impression is by having blogs posts that are several years old and nothing new on display. In that case, it’s time to write some fresh content that is helpful to your audience. You’ll find more topics than you’ve imagined, from industry news to answering clients’ questions.

If you have trouble deciding on blog topics, take a look at your older blogs. Most likely, many of them have information that is still relevant and can be rewritten for today’s market. Your readers will appreciate the information and insights—and Google will love it too. 

Is rewriting your outdated content worth your time? Yes! Not only for your audience but also for search engines. Search engines like fresh content with relevant keywords. When you’re writing or editing content, make sure you’re using effective keywords to help your search rankings. This will make it easier for your preferred clients to find you.

Detailing: You can do it!

Your website should walk your target audience through the sales journey. One of the best ways to do that is to provide fresh, quality content that guides and serves them. Like I did with my car, you should spruce up your website and regularly keep your content fresh. 

Ready for some fresh detailing? Now might be the perfect time to get this on your calendar! Have you pampered your website (and clients) lately? If you’d like more ideas or to discuss your content challenges, give us a call at 651-485-8826