3 Steps to Confidently Upgrading Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Steps to Confidently Upgrading Your LinkedIn ProfileAre you feeling like there isn’t enough time to update your LinkedIn profile or make the most of this versatile business tool? You’re not alone. We hear this often and don’t want you to miss the abundant opportunities.

You can easily expand your network and provide insights and information that are truly helpful for your intended audience.

Ready to get on track in 3 easy steps? These are for you:

1. Quarterly Review
Schedule time on your calendar each quarter to review your profile information. Make sure it’s current, complete, and speaking to your audience. 

2. Monthly Giving and Receiving
Schedule time each month (quick and easy) to give Endorsements to your deserving connections. Give a Recommendation to one of your connections who deserves a sentence or two of public praise. Ask for a Recommendation from a client or colleague.

3. Weekly Education and Encouragement
Set aside time each week to write a post that will offer insights and information your audience will welcome. Offer encouragement and tips that will help improve their business and life.

Schedule these on your calendar today.

You’ll be proud of your progress, and we will too!