Elevate Your Trust Factor with Marketing Consistency

Copyright writing tipsWe’ve been talking about the Know, Like, Trust factors that create a substantial impact on the growth of our businesses. To attract and engage clients, we must first strengthen our relationships as they move through these three stages.

We follow the same pattern with our colleagues before they feel comfortable making referrals as advocates for our services. Having focused on the Know and Like stages, we’ll now discuss building the Trust Factor within our networks.

Building the Trust Factor
We’ve seen how important it is to develop solid relationships as we build our businesses. Behind every successful business is a brand that is known, liked, and trusted by their supporters and clients.

Within the multitude of ways you can build trust in your services and standards, your copywriting delivers extraordinary value. Let’s examine a short list of options that grow trust through your written marketing copy.

Credibility Through Copywriting

  1. Honesty and transparency

    First on my list is the obvious. All marketing, written copy, and advertising must be honest and straightforward. There are too many scams, and we’re all more than a bit skeptical. Keep things clear and ethical to be rated as trustworthy.

  1. Know your audience

    When you speak and write directly to the clientele you love to serve, it will be seen as authentic. Avoid writing to an elusive group much larger than your intended audience. Be clear that you understand and know the people and businesses you are serving. Personalize your messaging to develop deeper connections.

  1. Demonstrate your expertise

    When you share your knowledge, you are recognized as an expert in your field. Even better—you are seen as someone who cares about and helps others find the solutions they are seeking. Giving them evidence of your experience and expertise builds confidence and trust. When you write on topics of interest, you are creating a foundation of  trust.

  1. Consistency counts

    It’s much easier to gain trust when we see consistency in brand and behavior. Your brand will gain trust as it remains recognizable in all forms. This includes our brand voice. Through your copywriting, you’ll gain trust when your voice, tone, and style are consistent and relatable. Reliability in all communications builds validation.

  1. Provide value

    Your business provides value to your clients that is much appreciated. You can expand on that by creating educational and informational content on your website, social media platforms, guides, videos, and books. In addition to offering helpful tips, you are creating awareness of your expertise and building trust.

To gain recognition, respect, new business, and referrals, be sure to show your interest in others. Learn what is important to them and offer to serve with integrity and thoughtfulness. Share tips that are helpful and continue to serve by providing value.

As you continue on this path, you’ll continue to move up the Know-Like-Trust curve and your business will thrive. I receive heartfelt joy in building relationships and helping one another grow and prosper. I’d love to talk with you about ways you build trust in your business. Reach out for a phone chat! You’ll find me at 651-485-8826.