3 Steps to Creating Powerful Website Content

Creating Website Content

If you’ve ever looked at your website and thought it was boring and maybe even a bit generic, you’re not alone. Let’s face it—you love your business and your clients, but sometimes it’s hard to write about it. You know what it’s about and why people should flock to you, but it’s difficult to put it into words.

Here are 3 tips that might help.

Think back and clarify your purpose.

The place to start is with your business and your services. Sit back and think about your business. Remind yourself of all the reasons you are in business and the impact you’d like to be making. Think about the many ways you are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.   

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Which Will You Need in Your Business—a Copywriter or a Copyright?

Spoiler alert: This article is written by a website copywriter for SEO.

copywriting To me, this has become a reasonable discussion, and we’ll talk about a few definitions in a minute. First, I’d like to explain how this even became a topic for me and what it might mean for you and your business success. 

It all started with business networking and introductions.

In true American fashion, people often ask me, “What do you do?” My shortest response is, “I’m a copywriter.” 

Let’s be clear. I could also say, “I read.” Or, “I pray and move my feet.” Or, “I love family time.” Or, “I enjoy driving.” Of course, that’s not what they’re really asking for, and I now realize that the quick answer isn’t always as clear as you might think.
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Have You Said Thank You to Your Website Content Lately?

Confused woman website userHowever you’re doing business these days—in person or online or both—you know you are providing a great service or product for your clients. There are many ways you could be serving your clients, and undoubtedly, you’d like to be serving even more happy clients. There are many ways to do just that. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about 4 ways to help existing and future clients find you with the help of your website and online content. 
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