Timely, Customer-Focused Blog Copy

Deliver Value and Insights to Your Ideal Audience

Deliver value and insights with blogs 2

Customer Focus:

Be the expert clients count on to provide explanations, tips, and trends that help them succeed in their business and life. They’ll love you for it.

  • You want to serve your clients with timely, relevant information.
  • You have the expertise and experience to make a difference for your clients.
  • You know you are missing out on reaching a large segment of your market.
  • You’re not sure how to deliver the value or how to find time to get it done.
  • You want to show up as the leader and expert in your field (because you are!).

Blogs are an amazing way to reach clients and prospects with the information they need. You can easily make a positive difference in their world and help them expand their knowledge. You can give them the confidence and courage to achieve their goals and find solutions to their current needs. And they won’t forget you.

You may not realize how much you have to offer until you think of what your customers want and need—and how you can help them. Your biggest hesitation might be that you don’t know where you’d find the time to write the blogs. Or perhaps you aren’t sure you could think of enough topics to make it happen. We can help with that, taking it one step at a time.

Want to create a larger impact?

By sharing your expertise and wealth of knowledge on your subject, you’ll become recognized as a leader in your field and the go-to business. When you help others, the market unfolds. Doors open for you.

Blogs can be the perfect conversation starter. They can be another method of gaining interest from your preferred clientele. The beauty of it is that they don’t need to be as lengthy as an article or white paper. They are easily read and digested. If your topics seem too broad, you can divide them into several blogs and create a popular series on your broader topic.

Steps to Business Blog Success

Steps to business blog success

First, think about your ideal clients and the information they want to know or need to know. What questions do they ask? These are the relevant topics we use to provide trusted content for your clients and future clients.

Next, we make sure the content resonates with your preferred clients. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. We discuss relatability and let the information flow as if you were speaking directly to them.

Then, we want to give your readers something to think about. You are the expert. We share that expertise, ideas, and all the possibilities that your clients might not see on their own.

Finally, we keep your content new, fresh, and original. Your clients will love you for it, and it gives them a reason to keep coming back for more. Because Google also loves fresh content, you’ll also be considered by the search engine for a more favorable ranking.

Don’t like to write? Don’t have time?

We love to write blogs and are here to help when you don’t have time or writing is not your thing. Together, we’ll decide which topics your clients need most, then choose a sequence and perhaps seasonality for the best timing. You can have insightful blogs without taking the time to create them yourself.

Combine blogs and LinkedIn posts for a winning strategy.

One strategy that creates great results for our clients—and could for you too—is to create blogs for the website, then write a condensed version as a LinkedIn post. Business leaders will take the time to read the post because it’s quick, and they are already on the platform. We always leave a link to the full version of the blog if they would like to explore that further. That helps drive traffic back to your website as well.

Blog Content WritingWhen you’re thinking about expanding your audience with blogs, give us a call at 651-485-8826. We’d love to hear what your clients would like to learn. Or, find a convenient time on our calendar, and we’ll strategize together. We’d be delighted to share our expertise and creativity to help you with your blogging.

Blogs don’t need to be intimidating. We can add value for your clients with exceptional blogs while making it easy on you at the same time. Everyone wins—and you know that fresh content wins with Google too. We’re happy to help you win in your arena, so you don’t waste any more precious time on the sidelines. Schedule a phone or Zoom call on our calendar here.