Essential Steps to a Successful Marketing Content Strategy

In our recent LinkedIn poll asking readers what they would most happily devote 5 minutes to reading about, 40% of viewers replied that their greatest need was to Develop Content Strategy. Here’s a quick overview—at much less than 5 minutes! When working with our clients, here are the critical questions we discuss first: What is your business focus and mission? Who are your ideal clients—those that you would love to serve all day? Which social media platforms are you using and how successfully?  How are your website and landing pages working for you? How is your brand perceived or does it need a jumpstart? What would you consider success in your marketing efforts? 

The Flying Shoe and the Eureka Moment About Your Website Marketing Content

When my daughter was young, she turned cartwheels as often as she could find the space. One day, we were on the second floor of the mall when, suddenly, she turned a cartwheel, and her shoe went flying, over the escalator on a downward plunge, striking an unsuspecting woman on the first floor. Imagine our fright! The bewildered woman was looking everywhere for an explanation. We rushed to check on her and make our apologies. Luckily, she was fine, and with a good sense of humor too.  Sometimes we can get hit with something that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s that Eureka moment.