8 Tips to Creating Powerfully Compelling Calls-to-Action          

What’s all the hype about your call to action? Yes, it’s truly a must-have for your digital marketing. Because we like shortcuts and acronyms, we affectionately refer to your call to action as a CTA. In short, your CTA is an invitation for existing and potential customers to take a specific action. The action could be making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a free guide, or clicking a link. This all-important, and very specific, step in your marketing encourages action. And let’s be honest about the strength of our CTA. Is it compelling? Does it resonate with our audience? Is there a sense of urgency and reward? Your well-crafted CTA What is the benefit of this crucial marketing element? By learning the art of creating a powerful CTA, you can improve the success of your marketing efforts by increasing conversion rates, click-through rates, and, ultimately, sales. 

Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients with Effective Testimonials

In today’s digital landscape, client testimonials are a powerful tool for showcasing a customer’s experience with a business. Great testimonials go beyond just positive feedback; they serve as a valuable endorsement for attracting new clients.  Beneficial? Yes! Yes! Yes!  Client testimonials are incredibly beneficial because they give potential customers real-life examples of how a product or service has solved a problem. Their testimonials can be inspiring success stories that offer a personal perspective your audience can easily relate to. 

Are You Creating a Winning Voice for Your Service Brand?

Today, businesses are no longer just selling products or services. They are selling experiences and emotions. Even more importantly, they are selling connections. An effective brand voice is one crucial element that ties all these aspects together and helps make those valuable connections. Think of your brand voice as the personality or persona of your business. The best place for a business personality to shine through and distinguish itself is in your copywriting content. Whether on websites, ads, or emails, your brand persona should be your consistent way of speaking to your target audience. No piece of content should be written without including your distinct brand voice.

Conscious Copywriting: Storytelling to Awaken Your Audience

Everyone loves a good story. By sharing a compelling story, you will have initiated relatable communication with your audience and will gain significant advantages toward achieving your business goals.  You know best how your services have successfully solved problems. An excellent way to communicate that is by telling a good story. Storytelling  Use this superb tool for creating meaningful content that connects with customers’ life experiences and keeps them engaged.

Essential Steps to a Successful Marketing Content Strategy

In our recent LinkedIn poll asking readers what they would most happily devote 5 minutes to reading about, 40% of viewers replied that their greatest need was to Develop Content Strategy. Here’s a quick overview—at much less than 5 minutes! When working with our clients, here are the critical questions we discuss first: What is your business focus and mission? Who are your ideal clients—those that you would love to serve all day? Which social media platforms are you using and how successfully?  How are your website and landing pages working for you? How is your brand perceived or does it need a jumpstart? What would you consider success in your marketing efforts? 

Your Secret Sauce Unleashed! Courtesy of Your MN Website Copywriter…

What a difference we make when we show up fully and play to our strengths! It requires a desired outcome, commitment, and a plan. You can play to win or dabble in the parts that have the most allure. Here’s a steady win: Acquire coaching and outsourcing Strategize and commit to success AND never underestimate your potential! We can’t be all things to all people, but we can be everything our clients need to make a huge difference in their lives and their businesses. If there are elements of the strategy that aren’t in our zone of brilliance, we can still move forward. Outsource. Collaborate. Overcome.

The Flying Shoe and the Eureka Moment About Your Website Marketing Content

When my daughter was young, she turned cartwheels as often as she could find the space. One day, we were on the second floor of the mall when, suddenly, she turned a cartwheel, and her shoe went flying, over the escalator on a downward plunge, striking an unsuspecting woman on the first floor. Imagine our fright! The bewildered woman was looking everywhere for an explanation. We rushed to check on her and make our apologies. Luckily, she was fine, and with a good sense of humor too.  Sometimes we can get hit with something that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s that Eureka moment. 

Your Website. Hard to Navigate or Easy as Stepping Stones?

Happy day!! I’m getting one step closer to having the landscaping completed along the side of the house. It was full of rocks—no grass—just rocks. Some of my guests had trouble understanding the best way to navigate and keep their balance through those rocks. It left them questioning whether they really wanted to take that route to the patio.   Your website can affect people the same way. Sometimes websites are hard to navigate or difficult to understand. We aren’t sure we even want to go down that path. Website Content… One Step at a Time   Fortunately, there is a simpler way to keep viewers and customers happy. When we set a clear path, they can take it one step at a time. It’s not difficult and causes no anxiety or impatience.  We make it easy for visitors to find the information while providing a stress-free user experience.  

Mpls SEO Website Blog Writer on How to Increase Your Online Value

“Happy day!! Today I had my trusty car detailed. It now looks beautiful and fresh even though it’s not new by any stretch of the imagination—but it looks like it! Those of you who know me understand that a showroom-clean car makes me smile.”   Here’s another happy thought… Did you know that you can do the same for your marketing? You can freshen it up with a few deliberate touches. My car is a valuable resource to me, and your website should be a valuable resource for your clients.  Let’s talk about “detailing” your website. Where can you start? Consider your website. Is your website content shiny and bright? If you’re ready for some spring cleaning and a new look, your website can get a makeover that appeals to your clients—and future clients. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Make it genuine.

Get ready to thank your website content…  

Your website should be providing content on what’s most important to your clients. They have problems. They have goals. They need your help. Your web copy should be conveying what clients really want to hear. They have questions. They have competition. They can use your expertise. Your content, including your website blogs, should be letting clients know how you can help them with your services. They have a mission. They have a vision. Help them succeed—more quickly with you than without you! When your website is not doing you (or your clients) any favors, it’s time to talk with a professional copywriter. At Russell Resources, we get clear on your ideal clients and your premium services. When we know what you do best and who your ideal clients are, we can write effective content that will help you attract more of those perfect clients.