Business Support & Project Management


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Business Support & Project Management

At Russell Resources, you can engage a capable assistant to manage the details that are distracting you from your clients and business priorities. Think of all those things you don’t like to do, don’t want to do, or don’t know how to do. We’ll handle it for you!

Personal Assistance & Executive Assistance

Are you a business leader who has difficulty finding enough hours in a day to achieve your business goals? Do the daily demands of running your business take so much of your time and energy that you have little left for your personal life? Whether you operate in Minnesota or another U.S. state, here’s a solution for you. As an advocate for small business owners, Russell Resources provides services that will help your business advance to its next level of success.

You can now delegate:

Office set up, business support, and management

→  You can count on an experienced professional when you need help with processes and procedures, organizing and streamlining your work flow, or managing your office. We can manage internal and external communications, travel planning, and client interaction and support. For small business owners, whether you’re on the road or on vacation, you have a trusted representative to monitor your operations while you’re away.  Together we can set the stage for positive results in 2017!

Lead follow up, business development and client contact

→  Calls can be made to qualify leads, talk with prospects and set appointments. When you don’t have time to talk with your clients often enough, we’ll call them to make sure all is well. We’ll ask what other services might they need and find out if they have referrals for you.

Project Management

Project management for business owners and their resource team

→  What’s the goal? Who’s on first? Yes, there’s undoubtedly a long list of questions that need answers when working with a group of people to keep projects organized, on track, within budget, and delivered on time. You can engage a project manager from Russell Resources to create clarity for all stakeholders, reduce tension, improve communication, and reach a successful conclusion. It’s a proven path to timely goal achievement.

Vendor analysis

→  Vendors are important to your efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. We will compare services and pricing to make sure you have contracted the vendors that are best for your business objectives. Vendor and facility services can also be monitored and managed through Russell Resources so you gain time for primary business activities and strategic planning.

Finally, quality assistance is available to you from a resourceful business partner at Russell Resources. Now’s the time to delegate details and projects so you can concentrate on your business, reduce the stress, and enjoy your personal time. Let’s talk.


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