LinkedIn Strategies to Quickly Increase Your Marketability

Boost Your Credibility, Visibility, Influence, and Impact on LinkedIn

Boost Your Credibility and Visibility With LinkedIn Posts

Marketing 101:

People need to know who you are, what you do, and why they should care before they will consider your services. LinkedIn will help you personalize that message. 

  • Ready for an extended audience and more clients?
  • Ready to engage your preferred clients and advocates?
  • Ready to upgrade your organic social media reach?

You have your website. Which other platforms and social media sites will help you get your message out to your ideal clients? LinkedIn can be one of your top sales and marketing reps.

Let your professional audience know that you are serious about your business. LinkedIn is still the premier social media platform for business—and growing every day. Let people know who you are and what you do while posting and interacting with on-brand messaging.

Whether you are a serious career professional or a business owner, we can help open the LinkedIn door for you. A strategic, well-written LinkedIn profile will show you in the best light. We demystify the LinkedIn challenge. We simplify it for you—and it’s time to get started!

Show up as the amazing business leader you are.

We make it easy for you. We provide content that builds traction for your personal and business profiles. And, because we all need helpful insights, our coaching helps build the confidence you need to step up and be noticed. We carefully explain the LinkedIn process along with the why and how behind each section and strategy.

Why is it important anyway?

The first and foremost answer is that how you represent yourself and your business is a key factor in determining how you will be perceived and the results you’ll encounter. First impressions are important, as are consistency, integrity and character, when building long-term relationships and trust.

LinkedIn has over 300 million monthly users. There is still plenty of room for another business to post on LinkedIn and be heard. It should be you! You have a terrific opportunity for being seen since the number of people posting is extremely low compared to those who are viewing. Claim your space. Let’s get you started! Call us at 651-485-8826.

4 steps to LinkedIn success

Steps to LinkedIn success

First, you want to make a fantastic impression with your personal profile. We help our clients take advantage of all applicable segments. No need to spend hours researching and figuring it out. We understand what works.

Next, you’ll want a business page. There are definite advantages to having your business profile on LinkedIn whether you post on it regularly or not. You’ll have the advantage of representing your company as the real deal rather than a hobby site.

Then, you continue to build your network and gain Endorsements and Recommendations. We position our clients for success with a great start and teach simple, effective methods of continuing to grow within the LinkedIn community.

Finally, you start engaging your audience and building authority on the platform. We teach you how to write and design the most effective posts—or we’ll do it for you. We are excellent at both teaching and implementing. It’s your choice!

There’s no time like the present.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can help you gain pro status on LinkedIn—and keep it that way. We make it simple, so you won’t lose any more of the opportunities that LinkedIn can deliver. Call now—we’ll applaud your wise decision!

We’re here to guide you on your LinkedIn journey with effective profiles and posts. Call us at 651-485-8826 or schedule a convenient time on our website scheduler. We’d love to hear about your business and discuss the benefits of an expanded LinkedIn presence.