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Woman resume successful job interviewFor career professionals:

We know you want to make the most of your career, doing what you love while honoring your talents, lifestyle and personality. We can help with bios, online landing pages, resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Resumes and LinkedIn go hand in hand on the road to new opportunities. Many people would love to be ready for something new, something bigger, something exciting—that something that will allow us to joyfully use our gifts and talents. We can help with that.

When you know you have a purpose and a passion, you can follow that vision and make a difference. The issue is how to let others know you’re here and ready!

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and each client is inspiring. We take the time to ask the right questions and understand what makes you happy and what fills your day with joy. We don’t want to help you just get a job. You could do that on your own. No… we want to help you reach for the job you really want—the one you’ll excel at and be grateful for every day. 

Process makes perfect.

Our process starts with a discussion of your educational and work experience, what you enjoy the most, what you want to expand on and what you’d like to leave behind. We talk about the type of position that could get you excited. Bring on the sparks in life! We explain our resume format and why it works so well.

And—what do hiring managers do after they’ve been captivated by your new resume? Yes—they look for you on LinkedIn. Your profile gives you another chance to shine—and in ways that are unavailable on a resume. 

We provide the content for an All-Star LinkedIn profile, and we make sure that your profile complements your resume. With our coaching, you’ll have all you need to achieve even more by continuing to build the important, scalable aspects of your profile. We make it easy for you to embrace your credibility and visibility on this leading business platform.

One of the greatest feelings of satisfaction is to hear from clients about their successes after helping them with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. This makes our world go ‘round! 

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writing resume LinkedIn profileFor business owners:

Small business owners typically don’t have a lot of time to spend on LinkedIn. However, many know that LinkedIn is the No. 1 business marketing platform for B2B. With it, you can connect with influencers, decision makers, like-minded peers and job seekers. Companies use LinkedIn to showcase their mission, vision and value in their business profile. It’s one more way to add to your credibility, visibility and marketability.

Your competitors are likely among the 30 million companies with business profiles on LinkedIn. 

You’ll want your business profile to reflect well on your company and your services. We help by creating business profiles to give companies a well-deserved boost in the professionalism category. We make it easy for people to find out more about your company and how you can serve them.

Personal LinkedIn profiles

While we’re creating or updating your business profile, we can do the same for your personal LinkedIn profile. You’ll shine right along with the company. We can also create employee profiles that professionally represent your company’s brand and values.

Let’s have a chat about boosting your professional reputation on LinkedIn. 

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