Writing & Editing: Professionalism Matters

creative writing on laptopThe Importance of Professional Writing

In business, you know the importance of presenting yourself and your company in the best light. The same can be said for your written content. Becoming a more casual society has provided comfort for many. However, your central theme, whether it carries with it a casual undertone or a highly sophisticated voice, must radiate professionalism and value.

If your written message is ineffectual and unprofessional, consumers may assume that doing business with you will also be unimpressive. Professionally written content will reassure potential clients that you care about the end result and will do your best. Creative, focused writing can instill confidence that your services are indeed topnotch and well worth the investment.

Your written content will introduce you and your company, promote lasting relationships and deliver ideas, services and products that are valuable to the end user. Your message should be crystal clear. If you would rather invest your time in sales, marketing and production, Russell Resources is ready to help you with effective written content, whether you are a local business or have a national presence.


Website Content

When you have confidence in your written materials, whether they appear online or on paper, you can move forward knowing that you will be recognized and respected as an expert in your field. Consumers will also have confidence that you can be trusted for quality products and services.

We know that online viewers take only a few seconds to decide whether to read on or try another search. Words are powerful and serve as a key component of a successful website. At Russell Resources, everything we do is aimed at highlighting your talents and the value of your product or service to create more opportunities for your business.


Printed Marketing Content

In your printed marketing pieces, the impression is just as important. Whether you are designing a brochure, preparing a direct mail postcard, or outlining notes as a takeaway for a seminar or workshop, you want that impression to be professional and motivational. We create powerful written content that gives people a reason to reach out for more information, contract your services, or purchase your product.Dream big set goals take action advice

Editing Your Written Content

Even if you are an excellent writer, it’s a good idea to have a second opinion before offering your final product to the public. Edits by an outside professional are a great way to double check your work. Proofreading is another specialty, and we’d rather find the occasional “oops” before a reader finds it in print.

Personalized Attention & Professional Results

Gloria has always enjoyed writing, and she is in business to help others succeed. If it has your name on it, you should be proud to circulate it. Because we organize and write your message effectively and at a fair price, there’s no reason to wait for positive, business-building results. Not everyone enjoys the art of writing, and that’s why we’re here for you. We provide original, creative writing, ghostwriting, research and content curation, editing and proofing.

Call Russell Resources to discuss your goals and how we might work together to achieve the results you desire in 2018.


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