Writing When English is your 2nd Language


Effective Writing for ESL

Do You Speak More Than One Language?

As a student of many languages (and admittedly needing to continue her lessons), Gloria Russell gives credit to anyone who speaks multiple languages. Since studying languages and cultures has been a major interest over the years, it is no surprise that her business has developed an international flair as an advocate for business owners with English as a second language. She clearly understands the need for a native English speaker (and writer) to assist those who have challenges when conducting business in an English-speaking marketplace.


Positive Results when working with a Native English Speaker/Writer

With her background in languages, teaching, and business, Gloria can collaborate effectively with business owners to understand the mission and vision of their organization and create compelling content to promote it. In today’s competitive market, it isn’t enough to find an English speaker to help you with your written content. The reason for this is the overabundance of slang, incorrect grammar, and poor sentence structure in today’s American English-speaking population.

For professional results, it’s advantageous to work with a native English speaker who is also a writer with extensive experience in business writing and editing. It’s important to Gloria to assist bilingual business owners so that they are represented as well in English as they would be in their first language. With her respect for their capabilities, courage, and passion for their chosen business, she finds it rewarding and enjoyable to contribute to their success story.

Your Advocate When English Is Your Second Language

Your expertise is undoubtedly apparent when presented in your native language, and it can shine through in English as well. If you’ve been looking for an advocate to add polish to your written work, you have found the answer in Russell Resources. It is our goal to help business owners explain the value of their products and services, describe their approach to business and develop long-term relationships that result in repeat business and referrals.

Banish the Barriers Language Barrier

In business, as in all aspects of life, we all have a common interest in succeeding. No matter which language is our first, we all have dreams and aspirations. We can laugh, smile and encourage one another. To all of you who relate to ESL, we invite you to contact Gloria Russell at Russell Resources for an informative consultation to see how we might help you reach your goals. Together we can eliminate the barriers that might be standing in your way.


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