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More Marketing Copywriting...let's count the ways!You have content needs beyond our most popular services. No worries—we’ve got you covered!

At Russell Resources, we know you have other copywriting needs beyond the basics. Contact us for any of the following. We love managing these as well.

  • Articles

    “Being in the marketing industry for over a decade and working with many content writers, I have to say Gloria Russell is one of the best I’m fortunate to work with and get to know as a person. Her attention to detail and care for her clients’ projects is exceptional. If you want quality work and a dependable team member, Gloria is your go to person.” ~Phong Nguyen, Marketing Manager,

  • Bios

    “Gloria is an expert at writing your bios. She is professional, timely and customer focused. She wants to understand your needs and represent you and your business in the best way possible!” ~ Eunice Neubauer, Founder/Owner, Choice Connections

  • Case Studies

    “Gloria Russell helped boost our marketing efforts by writing our technical-focused case studies to provide real-world examples of our custom software capabilities. Our customer success stories are now more relatable, readable, and consistent in format.” ~John Eckhardt, Owner, CodePros

  • Client Communications

    “Gloria has helped edit crucial client communications for me. Her insights and editorial skills have boosted the clarity of my messages which helps clients more quickly grasp the key points.” ~Paul Kluskowski, Owner, Cobalt Tax

  • Editing Books

    “I would like to recommend Gloria Russell as an editor. When I wrote my book, No Quick Fixes: A Fitness Journey for the Real World in 2018, she was instrumental in finalizing a professional product. She effectively worked with both me and my co-author, Keith Gosline, in bringing together our two different perspectives. She also made numerous suggestions that improved the final book. In addition, she connected me to the right person who formatted the book for publication. I highly recommend working with Gloria. You will be more than satisfied with her superior product. ~Lindsay B. Nauen, Author, Health & Wellness Coach, Nauen Retirement and Educational Services

  • Email Marketing

    “We hired Gloria to write a series of e-mail marketing campaigns for potential staff. You could tell that Gloria did her homework because she was able to capture the spirit of who we were as a company and did an excellent job conveying the message in our email campaign. We felt that Gloria exceeded our expectations and delivered everything we needed to keep our potential candidates engaged with our company.” ~Mark Bellestri, COO/Director of Marketing at Promise Home Care Agency, Inc./Welcome Baby Care

  • Employment Ads

    “Gloria recently helped me with a small project involving social media and my employment ads. It’s been tricky finding enough new employees lately, so we wanted to create something for social media helping readers to relate to our team. Gloria understood immediately where I was going with this idea! She asked some great questions that helped to clarify the deliverables. She asked what date I needed it completed by. And she delivered some excellent work that we use on a weekly, almost daily basis in our employment marketing! This was not my first time hiring Gloria for a writing project, and it will not be the last!” ~Katie Segal, Owner/Operations Manager, Sparklean, Inc.

  • Nextdoor Profiles

    “I have a local business but had no presence on Nextdoor. Not knowing what to expect, I enlisted Gloria Russell’s help to create a profile that gave an overview of my services. Recommendations came in, and surprisingly, I’ve received some great jobs and new clients from Nextdoor. I couldn’t be happier.” ~Kevin Stark, Owner, Green Planet Enterprises

  • Postcard Campaigns

    “I have worked with Gloria on several occasions for my writing needs, including my postcard campaign. She had great ideas for customer-focused content, and the results were better than I expected. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else. I recommend her to anyone I know needing her services.” ~Carol Miller, Owner, CAM’s Bookkeeping Service, LLC

  • Video Scripting

    “Video production is a collaborative craft, and Gloria is a natural collaborator. It’s a comfort knowing she can be relied upon to create great content while also being flexible and team oriented. I’ve worked with her on a couple of projects and look forward to working with her on more!” ~Kevin McKeever, Owner/ Director/ Videographer, Image Generation

  • White Papers

    “Gloria was able to interview multiple sources to develop white papers for our organization which have been well received. I would highly recommend Gloria to develop concise marketing content.” ~David Zimmel, Owner/Executive Recruiter, InPursuit Search

Give us a call if you would like to discuss marketing possibilities for your company. We love strategizing and helping clients choose the best methods for their industry and market. Feel free to schedule a call here. We’d be delighted to discuss your marketing mission.

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