Writer MN

“We enjoy creating and upgrading website content and marketing messages—and most of all, we thrive on helping good people reach their next level of success.”

Hello from Gloria Russell,

Since I left my corporate position many years ago, I have been blessed to pursue my creative interests while helping others expand their businesses. I’ve always loved to write, and business owners told me they didn’t like to write, didn’t want to write, or had no time to write. Combine that with my love of marketing, and you’ll gain a visual of why I love what I do at Russell Resources.

I’m grateful for my lengthy corporate career where I learned a lot about business from every angle. I was involved in everything from the strategic planning to communications and from project management to implementation. And, I enjoyed it all because I thrive on strategy, creativity, communication, and successful outcomes.

In starting my own company, I wanted to help small business owners level the playing field. I could do just that by providing the caliber of services available to larger corporations that were often elusive for smaller companies. It’s been a perfect match since small business owners don’t need my services full time but know I’m there for them when they need me.

Now, my life is in better alignment with my passions and purpose. My stress levels are minimal, and I’m happy for all the right reasons, every day. My greatest joy is in seeing people happy, respected, and following their dreams.

My networks have expanded as have the opportunities, and I’m grateful every day for the truly remarkable people who have entered my life. My team and I love creating exceptional content and celebrating client successes.

I consistently maintain positive expectations for abundance in my life and business—and I wish the same for you! I’m an encourager, a connector, and an advocate, and I’m cheering on my clients long after the work is completed.

I’m wishing you the very best success—whatever that means for you. And, I’m hoping that one day, we’ll greet each other with award-winning smiles and get better acquainted over tea or a phone chat. Maybe I’ll even be fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working with you. Could be! Life is good!

To your best success,