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Hello from Gloria Russell, 

Back in my (many) corporate years, I kept busy managing a job that had many seemingly unrelated responsibilities. I worked closely with the owner, board of directors and top executives. I did a lot of organizing, writing, and managing people and projects which included a fleet of 75-80 vehicles and office renovations in multiple states. I could make a long list—and mostly, I enjoyed it all because I thrive on creativity, strategy, implementation and variety.

Yet, I had dreamed of having my own business. Why? Because I wanted to be able to offer the same caliber of services to small businesses that didn’t have the big budget and didn’t need a full-time employee. I completed the projects I was working on and wrapped up the loose ends.  

I’ll never forget that gorgeous fall day when I left the corporate confines for the last time. My heart sang, and I wanted to twirl my skirt—except that I was wearing jeans at the time (my favorite!). I was bursting with joy and felt so very blessed. It’s amazing what a long-awaited change can do for your soul. I’m sure my radio was rocking loudly as I drove out of the parking lot—and rightly so. Singing in the car is my specialty (and would never happen anywhere else!).

Since that fabulous day, my life is in better alignment with my passions and purpose. My stress levels are minimal, and I’m happy for all the right reasons, every day. My greatest joy is in seeing people happy, respected and loved. As I’ve grown my business, I’ve listened carefully to what people need most and I’ve found that I can help most authentically with business writing and editing. 

My networks have expanded as have the opportunities, and I’m grateful every day for the truly remarkable people that have entered my life. When workloads are heavy, I can call on my team to help me create exceptional content and support clients as needed. We enjoy helping people develop good business practices in their written content so they can celebrate the results. 

I consistently maintain positive expectations for abundance in my life and business—and I wish the same for you! I’m an encourager and an advocate, and I’m cheering on my clients long after the work is completed. 

I’m wishing you the very best success—whatever that means for you. And, I’m hoping that one day, we’ll greet each other with award-winning smiles and get better acquainted over tea or a phone chat. Maybe I’ll even be fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working with you. Could be! Life is good!

To your best success,


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