It’s Time to Boost Your “Like” Factor

Boost your business like factor

We’re talking about the Know, Like, Trust factors that are so critical in growing our businesses. This concept reminds us that before clients work with us, they need to feel comfortable with us on the Know-Like-Trust scale. We previously discussed the Know Factor, and now we’re progressing up this curve to gain recognition, respect, new business, referrals—and quite possibly—friends!

Build your Like Factor

One way to boost your Like Factor is to be giving, attentive, and authentic. We can get out to meet with people in-person or online. We can talk by phone or send email greetings or cards in the mail. In all these ways, we want to focus on the other person to find out more about them and what we may have in common. Read More

Leverage Your Copywriting to Amplify the “Know” Factor

Laptop leverage your copyrightingHow often have you heard that the Know, Like, Trust factors are critical in growing your business? Yes, moving upward on this curve helps you gain respect, new business, and referrals.

By building your audience’s confidence in your abilities and your integrity, you are growing your business one relationship at a time. Today, we’ll talk about the first stage—the Know Factor—and how to leverage your copywriting to gain the spotlight for your brand and gain interest from your audience.

Build the Know Factor

One way to amplify the Know Factor is to get out and meet people. We recently talked about networking and meeting people in person and online. Another way to grow the Know factor is through your copywriting. Read More

Beyond the Business Card: Online Networking Success – Even for Introverts

Online networkingOnline networking
Personally, I have grown to love online networking. It is amazing how quickly and easily you can begin and expand a relationship even though you do not meet in person. I also appreciate the time it saves me without a commute or the where-to-find-parking dilemma.

So, where do you find online networking? In the past few years, the number of opportunities has multiplied significantly. You’ll find a wide variety of choices, such as social media communications and groups, online masterminds, speed networking, referral-based groups, industry-based gatherings, specialty groups, and celebrations.

Preparing for events
With all the choices, you’ll want to think about why you are networking. Your goals will help you decide which type of online event to attend. For a few examples: are you interested in meeting collaborators, prospects, referral sources, peers, or consultants?

Read More

Beyond the Business Card: In-Person Networking Success

In person networking conceptWe often talk about copywriting to successfully reach your audience, and we must also remember other effective ways to reach out. Networking is one of the basics to meeting potential clients, referral sources, resource partners, and collaborators.

We are fortunate that business networking can now occur online and in person. I know that some professionals find it uncomfortable to position themselves in a crowd of strangers while others are eager but find it unrewarding. Today, we’ll talk about some strategies that can help in both instances.

In-person networking
Traditional in-person events can include professional association events, trade shows, industry conferences, specialty groups, masterminds, sporting events, and happy hours. They all provide valuable opportunities for business leaders to meet face-to-face in a comfortable setting. The goal is to enjoy yourself while having meaningful conversations. Read More

Provide Value and Build Trust with Strategic FAQs

Focused FAQ imageFAQs, or Frequently Asked Questions, can be an important component of business websites, serving as a valuable resource for users to find answers to common inquiries. However, their importance extends beyond simply providing information. 

Properly structured FAQs are a goldmine of information that can showcase your expertise, address concerns, and ultimately build trust with your audience. Let’s dive into FAQs to find out how they benefit businesses.

Be the Expert in Your Field

One way FAQs can demonstrate your expertise is by addressing a wide range of questions related to your industry and your field of expertise. By providing thorough and accurate answers, you position yourself as a knowledgeable authority for your audience. When customers see that you have taken the time to answer their questions clearly and concisely, they are more likely to see you as the subject matter expert they are looking for to solve problems.  Read More

Boost Visibility with Authentic Copywriting and SEO

artworkIn the digital world, content is king, especially when it includes search engine optimization (SEO). This strategy improves a website’s visibility in search engine rankings. With millions of websites competing to get on the first page of Google, boosting visibility and attracting the attention of potential customers is essential. 

Search engine optimization is a great way to improve a website’s content to achieve higher rankings in search engine results, increasing the likelihood of your website getting noticed, and gaining those coveted clicks. Why? Because clicks eventually translate into more clients, revenue, and profits.

This strategy can positively impact a website’s online position and distinguish it from competitors. So, how does an SEO strategy work? Read More

8 Tips to Creating Powerfully Compelling Calls-to-Action          

Call to Action graphicWhat’s all the hype about your call to action? Yes, it’s truly a must-have for your digital marketing. Because we like shortcuts and acronyms, we affectionately refer to your call to action as a CTA. In short, your CTA is an invitation for existing and potential customers to take a specific action. The action could be making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a free guide, or clicking a link.

This all-important, and very specific, step in your marketing encourages action. And let’s be honest about the strength of our CTA. Is it compelling? Does it resonate with our audience? Is there a sense of urgency and reward?

Your well-crafted CTA

What is the benefit of this crucial marketing element? By learning the art of creating a powerful CTA, you can improve the success of your marketing efforts by increasing conversion rates, click-through rates, and, ultimately, sales.  Read More

It’s Time to Go Beyond One-Size-Fits-All in Your Copywriting

Personalize copywriting artworkAre you a service-based business owner? If so, you’ll likely agree that one-size-fits-all copywriting isn’t the best way to reach your ideal audience. Regardless of your company size, personalizing your marketing content is more important than ever.

In today’s highly competitive market of seemingly endless choices, personalization has become a crucial strategy for service-based businesses. You want to meet your clients where they are—understand their trials and their aspirations—and offer a solution. 

Craft personalized content 

It is no longer enough to offer generic marketing copy. Customers crave unique and relevant interactions that make them feel valued and understood. Your focused efforts will powerfully enhance your copywriting and distinguish your business from the competition. Read More

Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients with Effective Testimonials

Testimonial logoIn today’s digital landscape, client testimonials are a powerful tool for showcasing a customer’s experience with a business. Great testimonials go beyond just positive feedback; they serve as a valuable endorsement for attracting new clients. 

Beneficial? Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Client testimonials are incredibly beneficial because they give potential customers real-life examples of how a product or service has solved a problem. Their testimonials can be inspiring success stories that offer a personal perspective your audience can easily relate to. Read More

Are You Creating a Winning Voice for Your Service Brand?

Photo desk laptopToday, businesses are no longer just selling products or services. They are selling experiences and emotions. Even more importantly, they are selling connections. An effective brand voice is one crucial element that ties all these aspects together and helps make those valuable connections.

Think of your brand voice as the personality or persona of your business. The best place for a business personality to shine through and distinguish itself is in your copywriting content. Whether on websites, ads, or emails, your brand persona should be your consistent way of speaking to your target audience. No piece of content should be written without including your distinct brand voice. Read More