The Flying Shoe and the Eureka Moment About Your Website Marketing Content

The Flying Shoe and the Eureka Moment About Your Website Content

When my daughter was young, she turned cartwheels as often as she could find the space. One day, we were on the second floor of the mall when, suddenly, she turned a cartwheel, and her shoe went flying, over the escalator on a downward plunge, striking an unsuspecting woman on the first floor. Imagine our fright!

The bewildered woman was looking everywhere for an explanation. We rushed to check on her and make our apologies. Luckily, she was fine, and with a good sense of humor too. 

Sometimes we can get hit with something that seems to come out of nowhere. It’s that Eureka moment. 

This might well be your epiphany:

You know your website content is as worn out and unpredictable as an old shoe. It’s not nearly as engaging as your competitors’ sites. It doesn’t resonate with your ideal clients. It misses the mark. 

Take heart! Outdated marketing content can be rewritten to clearly represent the value and benefits of your company’s services to your clients. Once your website content is updated, you’ll be turning mental cartwheels, proud of your website and the services you provide. 

Your fresh, customer-focused copy will help attract more of your preferred clients. And, as a bonus, Google will love it too. We know that search engines prioritize and reward fresh content. It’s your turn!

If you need help writing high-caliber, engaging content, now’s the time to give us a call. We’d love to see you ready for more clients, more revenue, and more profit! Let’s have a chat.